The owner of Baggin’s, Alberto Rivera, was born and raised in the Bronx and Queens New York. While
visiting his sister in Las Cruces, NM he fell in love with this enchanted land. After his sister moved back
to NY, Alberto moved to Albuquerque. He was the manager of Baggin’s for six years before acquiring
the restaurant from his former employer. In the 10+ years he has owned and managed Baggin’s,
Alberto continues to build and maintain many professional and friendly relationships with Baggin’s
clientele; which he plans to continue to do for many years to come. Recently, he renovated Baggin’s
building with a Doggie Friendly covered patio and provides homemade healthy dog biscuits for his
furrier clientele!


Alberto has fine tuned the classic Baggin’s recipes to make everything he sells Baggalicious! Baggin’s
makes all of its foods in house. “We roast our meats daily including our lean and oh so tasty turkey
breasts! All of our sides are made from scratch as well as our desserts and award winning gourmet
soups! We are also very proud of Baggin’s coveted Best Sandwich awards which we have received time
and time again!” states Alberto. “My crew and I take the utmost pride in serving our super smart
foodies! We mix things up a bit to keep folks coming back. As soon as you reach the Baggin’s parking
lot, you can already smell that famous home cooked deli goodness. Then, as you enter our doors and
your mouth begins to water, you know you’ve arrived! WELCOME TO SANDWICH HEAVEN!”