Henan First-2018 Chinese University Teachers' Rankings Coming Out
發布時間: 2018-03-30 瀏覽次數: 38


Recently, according to the Wu Shulianacademic rank of Chinese university teachers in 2018, our university ranked 136 among 758 universities in China and the first in Henan Province.

The academic level of teachers is one of the most important indicators of university running targets. Teachers'academic ranking is calculated by dividing the scientific research scores of each university by the number of scientific research equivalents invested, and ranking the results in descending order to get the Academic Ranking of 758 universities nationwide under the same standard.

This list is based on Wu Shulian, the chairman of the research group of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, and the Guidelines for Selecting Majors for College Entrance Examination in 2018, published by China Statistical Publishing House. In 1993, Wu Shulian published the first ranking of universities in China, including natural sciences and Humanities and social sciences. All the evaluation indexes of China University Assessment are based on open data. The results of the project are welcomed by the examinees and their parents and have a wide social influence.